Founding Objectives

  The conceptions of the founding of the Research Center for Public Policy and Management can be traced back to the 1980’s when the developed democratic countries, such as the United States, began to experience difficulties in the shift and developments of the local and central governments. Therefore, universities like Berkeley, Gie-Mellon, Duke, Harvard, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas started to integrate the studies on local developments, economic developments and persistent developments to tackle the related problems. It was based on their researches and resources that our conceptions had come from. Taiwan also faced a similar shift from 1987. The planning and controlling power that based on government’s public authority over the district, city and community became weaker. The development of any local district confronted with a series of problems in education, traffic, residence, environment protect, finance, public security, property and government efficiency. It is necessary to incorporate methods and concepts such as "efficiency first", "customer-oriented" and "market competition" from the studies in the business management to solve the problems. The founding of The Research Center for Public Policy and Management is to achieve these objectives.   

The studies and directions of our development have covered all major policies that the government of Taiwan has proposed in recent years to address the issues in the development of the nation, public and private departments and locality such as "education reformation", "enterprise government", "community total building" and "promote national and local competition". Our study also include international and national trend such as "persistent development", "environment management", "city market", "third department management" and "community relationship management". These topics are all consistent with the principles of enterprise "local operation" and "government rebuild" that we just mentioned.

      In recent years, the relationships among the government, enterprises and people are getting closer and more complex, the society is in desperate need for talents who have the domain knowledge of public policy and management to solve problems that may influence people's interests. Therefore, for the prosperity and persistent development in the asia-pacific Chinese region, our objective is to cultivate talents with promising ability in enterprise management and play as a think tank for the development of our region, JiaYi, in planning, policy analysis and management.