Service and Work Items

  Our staff members are experts in politics, public administration, education, economy, finance and economics and business administration. We also have specially contracted research members who are from the background of sociology, business and engineering. The following is a list of services and work items we can provide:

  • Public policy analysis and suggestion

  • Public policy data acquisition, forecast and analysis

  • Problem analysis and consulting of the current development of public policy

  • Public policy and the analysis and consulting of management problems

  • Classes on public policy and management

  • Design of questionnaires on public policy issues and analysis of the survey

  • Human resource analysis on the popularizing of the public policy

  • Enterprise product price and market analysis

  • Enterprise resources benefit analysis

  • Analysis and suggestions on business process redesign(BPR) and government process redesign (GPR)

  • Basic financial unit management

  • Hold hearings and conferences on public policy related issues

  • Send messages about public policies periodically

  • Issue periodicals about public policies